Running Apache on Windows

This is nowadays a pretty harmless experience, at least for development purposes. However, there are a few caveats along the way.

Getting PHP to work

To run PHP as a module within the Apache webserver you will need to make sure that important PHP files are in the Windows system directory (usually C:\\windows). The configuration file php.ini will also need to be put here.

Accessing Shared Windows Drives

Shared drives, otherwise known as UNC drives, will not normally be accessible (and definitely not writeable) unless you've specified that the Apache server runs as a user with sufficient permissions.
Start the 'Services' program (part of 'Administrative Tools') and locate the Apache service.
Double-click on the Apache service, and click on the 'Log On' tab.
'Local System Account' is probably selected. Select 'This Account' instead and browse for an account with sufficient privileges. 'Administrator' should be ok in a development environment.


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