Inspiring talks on "Digital Creativity"

Hot Source Norwich provided a wide diversity of speakers at the NUA (Norwich University of the Arts), on the topic of "Transforming our worlds through #digital creativity". What's more, mince pies and wine were provided afterwards by Develop EBP and Norwich City Council! Thanks to Huw Sayer, Caroline Mayers and Tom Wood for organising the event, and to Huw Sayer and Niall Cook for hosting it. Here follows a brief summary of each talk.


This is a great IoT product that consists of a clever water quality device and a compact web server device. The owner can view a web-based dashboard or receive water quality alerts on their own mobile device.

The company is based at Norwich Airport. Their website has a reasonable amount of information, but unfortunately its link to the FAQ page is broken!

Growing cities

I had trouble following this talk about urban planning, and how to turn it into a game. There was just too much talking and not enough explaining!

Go walkies

This was a really nice story about creating a cute toy sausage dog, with a bit of technology in it, to help with child learning by making trips to museums and the like more interactive. The app that the child uses on their own mobile device has a social link so that they can share their views and experience with others. The system can also help the museum find out more about how well received its exhibits were.


This company appears to be developing an offline hotspot, allowing people to cache their digital experience locally and to broadcast it to people nearby with a wi-fi hotspot. It will integrate with fitness trackers, video streaming, and cloud services. It will initially be aimed at the retail market (personal experiences), but could expand into protecting vulnerable people and helping the emergency services.

Engaged in Reality

Various real applications of VR were discussed here, plus the historical and current drawbacks of various implementations. An extremely important aspect of making a VR application succeed is content: it needs to be well crafted and there needs to be lots of it!


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