Fresh Start for @MediaTemple has been hosted on (previously part of HostEurope, now Pipex) for many years, since 2001 in fact. Performance and quality of service have both been good, and at £25 per year for a 1GB account and 10GB per month bandwidth, quite a good deal. However, it is hosted in the UK and I think that US hosting would give the site better international standing.

As a result, I have chosen Mediatemple Grid-Service, at $200/year, for all of my hosting requirements. It comes with 1TB of monthly bandwidth and 100GB of storage.

If you want to sign up with MediaTemple please use as the "Referral domain". This gives me a free month of service which would be greatly appreciated. I have also included it as an affiliate link so you don't have to enter it if you follow the link here.


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