National 10-mile Time Trial Champs 2013

Taking place on at 8AM

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The RTTC National Championship is on the B10/18 course, a bit of a sporting course to the north-west of Attleborough in Norfolk. Note that the course is revised for 2013, and starts on the Watton Road just a mile west of the HQ at Hingham.

The women's event kicks off at 8:30, the juniors at 9:50, and the men's at 11:00. Last rider is off at 13:40.

Weather: It's now Saturday morning; the latest forecast is looking dry, cool (around 10 degrees), and a brisk northerly wind - which should make the final leg particularly tough.

View B10/18 (2013 revision) in a larger map

For lots of discussion and banter, head over to this pre-race timetriallingforum thread.

Thanks to Harley Matthews & family for the pictures of him in action (green Strava-Sport kit) and the GYCC team back at the HQ!

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By John Swindells

Category: Time Trialling


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