Simple Programming Exercises

Convert from feet to metres



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John Swindells

John Swindells I am a career professional in software development, becoming proficient in various systems and languages since 1992. In recent years I have been especially active in web and mobile app projects. I stepped down in April ... (more)

Riding in the Peak District

I took part in an amazing three-day riding challenge in the Peak District, organised by Simple Cycle Tours. The challenge was all road-based, and as the first day's riding started at 1pm I headed up early to Castleton and had an off-road ... (more)

It's all go with Pokemon Go!

I see Pokémon Go as a massive opportunity for keeping my kids busy over the Summer holidays! Read on to see how it's going to work... Frustrated at your efforts to get the kids off their screens and out of the house? Fret no more, ... (more)