00-Guage Model Railways

I had a dabble in N-gauge model railways as a child, and found the scale just too fiddly. Almost 20 years later, I'm a Dad and have resurrected the hobby in OO/HO guage (00-gauge to be precise). This is largely because of the relatively plentiful supply of second-hand locos, carriages, trucks, track and accessories on E-Bay. If you don't buy second-hand, it's a very expensive hobby!

Not surprisingly, Hornby model railways are the most popular product, and they have also developed the Hornby virtual railway (with online patches and enhancement packs).

The best way to get started is by going to a model railway exhibition or two, where you can see model railway layouts for real and speak to the experts. Down the line you might want to consider joining a model railway club.

However you go about it, a really fun part is drawing up the model railway track plans, and railway modelling if you have a creative flair.

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