National 10-mile Time Trial Champs 2013

After a shocking week of rain, cold and high winds, the weather turned out nice for the big day! The sun was shining and the air temperature had crept into double figures. There was still a brisk northerly breeze that made the final leg a bit painful, but for the rest of the course it was either tailwind or sheltered. This led to some fast times in all event categories. The Time-trialling Forum has some lively discussion (including possible flouted rules) on its results thread. TWG Event Photography took a lot of photos (almost all riders), and they're available to buy as prints. There's also a limited set on the CW website, by Andy Jones.


1 Julia Shaw 00:22:19
2 Rebecca Slack Look Mum No Hands! 00:22:35
3 Hannah Barnes MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling 00:22:56
50 Jenny Anderson Great Yarmouth CC 00:27:41

Full women's results on the CTT website.


1 Chris Lawless Kuota-GSG-Spinergy 00:20:49
2 Luc Hall Kuota-GSG-Spinergy 00:20:59
3 Scott Davies Liverpool Mercury Dolan CC 00:21:25
1 Alice Barnes Scott Contessa Epic RT 00:23:42

Full juniors results on the CTT website.


1 Michael Hutchinson In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:19:20
2 Matthew Bottrill 00:19:27
3 Douglas Dewey In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:19:36
64 Harley Matthews Strada Sport 00:22:28
95 Neil Turner Great Yarmouth CC 00:23:24
96 John Swindells Great Yarmouth CC 00:23:24

Full men's results on the CTT website.

Here is my video of the fastest men rounding the final turn:

Here is my speed profile, extracted from my Strava record (below). I was averaging 40-50kmh in the first half, but this dropped right down as the miles wore on.

Here is my entire riding record for the day. I had an easy ride down to the event, but obviously couldn't warm up efficiently before the start because I couldn't exactly stuff my turbo trainer in my rucksack! The ride home was a bit of a battle, into the north wind and getting increasingly fatigued & hungry.

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