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Fastest bike speeds in England

This set of high-speed descents is compiled by Dave from the University of Leicester. If you know of any others, please let me know! The fastest road in England is also the highest (630m), dropping to around 300m in about two miles. It ... (more)

Use For Broadband Speed

To see what broadband speed you're getting, go to and click "Begin Test" to check your connection's latency (network delay), download and upload speeds. Here are my results from 2011, using the fantastic Zen Internet ... (more)

Higher Uplink Speeds

It's not just download speeds that are increasing... it's now possible to get over 800kbps upload speeds! For most people (just doing web browsing and simple email) this wouldn't be noticeable, but if you're on a VPN or doing filesharing then ... (more)

SOLVED: Pair a speed sensor to a Garmin 310XT

Garmin has a really neat ANT+ speed-sensing device, which fits to the hub and does away with the need for a spoke-mounted magnet. It can also be bought in conjunction with a magnet-less cadence sensor, and if you don't want the cadence sensor ... (more)

Changes to Speed Camera rules

Apparently the justification for installation of a speed camera will not have to be dependent on death/serious injury having taken place. Councils will be allowed to position them based on safety concerns. A spokesperson from BRAKE spoke ... (more)

Are speed-limiter devices the answer?

The European Commission today announced its intention to bring in mandatory speed-limiting devices for all new cars, from 2022. For road safety advocates this sounds like a great idea in principle, but is it really the correct approach? ... (more)

Petition against all people who have signed the "scrap speed cameras" petition This petition is against the petition Sounds good to me! Speed cameras are a necessity to deal with the hordes of selfish criminals at loose on the roads today ... (more)

North Norfolk for Slower Speeds

The North Norfolk Labour Party has put its weight behind the Slower Speeds initiative, and is looking for local support. I'm not sure if it's the same as the Transport 2000/Slower Speeds Initiative deal, but I've offered my support anyway ... (more)

Wind Speed Map

This map, based on data published by the DTI, isn't terribly helpful as it only shows average wind speeds. It also comes with these caveats from the DTI: The data is the result of an air flow model that estimates the effect of topography ... (more)

New Call for Slower Speeds

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has spoken out today in favour of a blanket 30mph speed limit in all villages. Apparently most county councils have failed to do this, and some villages even have 60mph limits through them. This ... (more)

The Broadband Selection Guide!

The Truly Comparative ADSL Guide The best broadband providers are hard to find, as everyone offers a vague 'up to x Mbits service'. Fortunately, gives us the ability to rate our ISP according to speed, reliability and ... (more)