Changes to Speed Camera rules

Apparently the justification for installation of a speed camera will not have to be dependent on death/serious injury having taken place. Councils will be allowed to position them based on safety concerns.

A spokesperson from BRAKE spoke on 5-Live today, defending the change of course. The immediate feedback from listeners was apparently negative towards these views - generally along the lines of 'let people think for themselves'. This really goes to show that this sort of change really is required, if the general feeling is that there isn't a problem.

There is a general perception that it is okay to drive as fast as you can, and that if you get 'caught' by a speed camera then you're a victim of the greedy Government. This has to change, and people must be made sensitive and considerate to others when they get behind the wheel. They must also be happy to face the consequences when they behave criminally by (for example) breaking speed limits.

The BRAKE spokesperson also said that the budget for new cameras would in future be set, rather than being derived from speed camera fines. Where the actual speed camera fines were to end up (Treasury-wise) was something that would need monitoring. Speed cameras mustn't be viewed as just another cash cow for Government. In fact, the fines should be replaced by statutory short-term bans (eg, two weeks ban for minor transgressions).


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