North Norfolk for Slower Speeds

The North Norfolk Labour Party has put its weight behind the Slower Speeds initiative, and is looking for local support. I'm not sure if it's the same as the Transport 2000/Slower Speeds Initiative deal, but I've offered my support anyway, with the following email to phil at northnorfolklabourparty dot org dot uk:

I saw the article in the North Walsham Times about reducing speed limits around schools. I fully support this and think it would have the full support of the general public. However, do you not feel that the campaign should be more encompassing by pushing for measures to decrease car use on the school run? I'm thinking about practical, positive measures to increase walking and cycling, such as zebra crossings on major walking routes, proper provision of bike facilities at school, and the possible creation of new footpaths (or improvement of existing ones). Just in my local area (around Millfield School, North Walsham) I can think of positive action in all these areas.

I know that budgets play a large factor in deciding what gets implemented, and that road signs are a lot cheaper than anything I've suggested above, but isn't it worth pushing for better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists too?

However I do agree that the 20mph campaign is well worth pushing for in its own right. Being a father of three littl'uns I don't have lots of spare time, but would like to know what kind of support you would like.

If you have any viewpoints on this, please do post your comments here, contact Phil at the North Norfolk Labour Party or contact me directly.

  • Is it right to concentrate on slower speeds?
  • Is it a good start to improving our streets?
  • Do you have any practical suggestions generally or for your local area?
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