Choosing the Best iPhone Apps

What do you do when you acquire your first smart-phone and get confused about apps? How do you know which ones are any good and which ones are just a waste of money?

Here is a summary of apps that people have found useful:

  • TomTom, for satnav navigation around the UK
  • Amazon UK, if you need to spend money
  • TVCatchup, to watch TV on demand
  • CamScanner, for scanning documents, receipts, etc, using the iPhone camera
  •, for finding anything anywhere
  • Dragon dictation, if you get fed up with the on-screen keyboard
  • WhatsApp, for sending messages and photos to friends - and showing when they've been looked at too
  • BBC News and Sky News, for world-wide news updates
  • Shazam, to identify any artist or song on the radio
  • Grocery Cook, for groceries and cooking assistance
  • Due, for reminders
  • Notemaster, a note writer that syncs with Google Docs
  • HanDBase, for secure data storage
  • Met Office Weather, for more accurate forecasts
  • Kindle, for e-book reading
  • Google Shopper, for barcode scanning so that you can do online price comparisons
  • Bubble, a simple spirit level
  • HandyCalc, for currency and unit conversion, and for graphical calculations
  • Vignette, for taking photos
  • gStrings, for musical instrument tuning
  • Recordoid, for voice recording
  • TeslaLED, a handy torch app
  • Dropbox, for file storage and sharing
  • Evernote, for making notes and doing OCR
  • IMDB, the Internet Movie Database
  • MapMyWalk, to track and share your out-and-about activities

Try to identify a problem that you have before looking for an app. Most apps will look useful on the face of it, but you won't end up using often enough.

If you can't think of any apps (including the built-in ones) that you want to use, then why do you even have a smart-phone?


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