SysAdmin Tools for the iPhone

The iPhone offers a superb opportunity for system administrators to keep an eye on their computer devices, servers and network. Most web-enabled monitoring services provide an iPhone app free of charge, so you really don't need to weigh up the pros and cons! You will typically get basic reporting, maybe a few configuration/provisioning options, and usually all the alerts you have already configured.

Here are my essential tools:


This gives you a neat, realtime report of visitors to your website(s), and a summary of page load times. It requires a paid monthly subscription.

Server Density

This app is a mini view of the paid-for web service that monitors your dedicated servers and gives resource usage stats and customisable alerts.


A service that pings services relevant to web hosting, Pingdom can flag up issues with your site connectivity. It has many POPs (points of presence) to give you a broader picture, and will alert you when your site is down.


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