Battery Case for the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has a pretty decent battery life on standby, but it's not so good if you use its GPS sensing a lot. This will happen when you use map-based applications such as Google Maps or CycleMeter, where GPS-based tracking is virtually constant and becomes thirsty work for the phone. If you are going out for the day and intend to plot your entire journey, the built-in battery just won't suffice. You'll need some sort of add-on battery pack. But... which one?

I've done a bit of window shopping for an iPhone battery pack, and realised that the correct thing to search for is actually an iPhone 4 battery case. The top two results in Amazon UK are:

  • New Trent ultra slim-fit case IMP170 for £24.95 and features a 1700mAh battery, rechargable through a 'standard' mini USB cable. Reviewers claim that this case doubles the iPhone's runtime.
  • Mophie Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargable Battery for £39.50 which claims to almost double the phone's run-time, and weighs 100g. An included USB cable allows standard PC connectivity (including iTunes) without removing the case. It also has a battery life indicator on the bottom. They also do a Plus case for almost double the cash.

Do you have any experience of these - or other - iPhone 4 power cases? Which ones are well integrated with the phone's function, and what are your thoughts regarding reliability, weight or battery run-time? I'd love to know your thoughts; please comment below!


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