Warning: some iPhone cases can cause damage!

NetworkWorld reports that Apple may be looking into the claims that some iPhone protective cases can scratch or crack an iPhone's glass back panel.

The cases in question are the sort that the phone slides into, as they feature a backplate of their own. Presumably the fit isn't quite tight enough to stop dust/dirt getting inside and causing scratches, which may even end up actually damaging the iPhone by cracking it.

This news may be particularly relevant to people who can apply for a free iPhone case (an offer by Apple because of the squeeze-of-death issue). Almost all the free cases on offer have a backplate; Apple's own product is a simple rubber bumper that only wraps around the sides of the phone, sits extremely snugly and should be much less prone to trapped dirt issues. I would strongly recommend this as the protection of choice.

Read more at NetworkWorld.com: Apple reportedly taking steps to head off iPhone "glassgate" and at gdgt.com: With Antennagate over, is Glassgate next for the iPhone 4?.


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