Essential iPhone 4 information

To use your iPhone 4 you need to:
  • Download and set up iTunes on your PC/Mac - If you don't already have iTunes on your PC or Mac then take a look at the iTunes download page.
  • Find out about your new micro SIM - This is slightly different to most phones and the iPhone 3G & 3GS. Make sure you use the micro SIM that arrives with your order. Look on the back of the MicroSIM that came with your iPhone 4 and you'll see a number. Write this down - you'll need it when you come to activate it.
  • Get your contacts ready to be transferred - Vodafone has put together some options to help you transfer your contacts from your old phone to your new iPhone 4. Even if you're getting a new number with your iPhone 4 MicroSIM, you'll still want to keep all the contacts and calendar details stored on your current phone. Use a quick and easy back-up service to save everything until you're ready to put it all onto your new iPhone 4. See this Vodafone guide: How to back up your phone.
  • Activate your iPhone 4. To activate your iPhone 4, insert your MicroSIM then connect to iTunes using the cable provided - it plugs into a USB socket on your computer. Your iPhone 4 should be recognised automatically by the software. Then just follow the on-screen instructions.

More info at Vodafone: Getting started with your iPhone 4


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