PlusNet: from Yorkshire, yes; independent, no.

Internet access provider Plusnet advertises itself with the slogan "Good honest broadband from Yorkshire" and promotes itself with various people (including call centre staff) speaking in thick Yorkshire accents. That's all well and good, and British call centres are usually easier for the consumer to deal with. However, don't be drawn into believing that Plusnet is a private company. It is 100% owned by good old BT (British Telecom) and it would be hard to imagine that they don't have directives from on high to adhere to.

The best thing is to look at consumer ratings. In November 2010, Plusnet ranked 12th in the speed, reliability and service lists based on data. See them in the table Broadband League Table: November 2010.

If you are still interested in their broadband service, the banner below will get you there:

Want to save money on your broadband? Quick, grab this lifeline from PlusNet. Up to 20Mb broadband from only£9.99 per month. Free setup available - terms apply. Now with Internet phone calls. PlusNet broadband.


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