Don't always blame your ISP!

I had a connection problem tonight, with my ADSL. Got an ADSL connection, but no PPP. I had this the other morning and got a full connection around 15 minutes later, so assumed it was an ISP/BT problem. The ISP (Zen) made some checks, including with BT, and decided that, sure enough, the PPP link wasn't being established. Usual list of suspects followed: ADSL filter; router; use the main phone point. Here's what happened:

  1. Swapped to a different ADSL filter; still no PPP link, and the ADSL speed fell from the usual 6.7Mbps to 2.5Mbps.
  2. Did a factory reset on the router (a Dynamode). That fixed the problem
  3. Put the old ADSL filter back in, higher ADSL speed established, and PPP link established too.
So, it might be a pain to reset your router, but sometimes it's the cause of the problem. Don't ask me why; this sort of hardware just doesn't seem to built that well nowadays!


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