Carphone Warehouse: Free Broadband??

The news is that Carphone Warehouse is set to announce a free broadband service for its Talk Talk (landline) subscribers. This announcement is due on Tuesday, but the company is only saying that the announcement is about its broadband package.

Sky, the UK's satellite TV broadcaster, announced that it is rolling out broadband to its customers in the Autumn.

Whichever provider you use, and however much or little they charge, bear these features of service in mind:

  • Download Speed 2Mbps is now standard for ADSL, 8Mbps is being rolled out
  • Upload Speed 256kpbs is standard for ADSL, 450kbps is being rolled out
  • Bandwidth Cap You may find that a cheap package has limited usage allowance (say, 1GB per month)
  • Excess Bandwidth Charge If you go over your bandwidth cap, you should be paying less than £1 per extra GB per month
  • Service Provider Reputation Does the company providing the broadband service have a good reputation for customer service and technical know-how?


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