Rant at Plus.net

Plusnet customer support has let down a friend that I referred. Here's my rant at them, and their reasonably illegible response:

Raised: 2005-10-11 09:59:02 by: You
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I referred a friend, XXX to you a while ago and all was well. Recently however she has been suffering from intermittent connection problems and was told over the phone that it was probably due to virus/firewall settings on her computer. This was despite the fact that the adsl status led on her router (supplied by plusnet) was flashing, indicating a problem with the connection. Apparently the helpdesk did not attempt a line test to see whether the router was attempting to connect.

XXX is not a computer expert and I referred her to plusnet because I thought she would receive helpful customer support in the event of a problem. I should like to refer more people to you, but in light of this issue I really don't know whether I should bother.

Please tell me how you intend to proceed with this.
Adam Cassim
Customer Support Centre
Actioned : Dear Mr Swindells,
This issue will be dealt with on the afore mentioned account, Unfortunatly we cannot discuss other users accounts but assure you this will be dealt with using the correct methods a routes required by BT in regards to ADSL faults.

Adam Cassim
Assigned : Thanks for your response. I realise that plusnet doesn't offer real-time line tests, unlike other ISPs, but when a customer tells you that the adsl router is indicating a broken connection, why are you asking them to check the settings on their PC? You could at least determine whether you are receiving connection requests.

I think plusnet provides a really good adsl service; please try and mirror that on customer service.


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