Broadband review in the Guardian

In the Jobs and Money section of the Saturday Guardian, various broadband providers are discussed. Some, like UK Online, are heavily criticised for failing to deliver. Cable firms NTL and Telewest get off lightly, and it is generally recommended to sign up for one of the big providers. On top of that, however, two small operators Plusnet and Freedom have attracted lots of positive comments.

Plusnet also features twice in the Best Deals table, in second place at 1Mb, and in first place for a 2Mb connection. It is certainly the cheapest at 2Mb, but its 1GB per month transfer limit may deter some people. You only pay ?1 per extra GB per month anyway, and besides, isn't 1GB the usual cap at the cheap end of the range? If you want they also offer unmetered (well, within reason) 2Mb for ?22 per month. Connection is also free.

One last note on Plusnet in the Guardian article: "Those currently thinking about switching might want to consider one of his recommendations, Plusnet. It has a small but very loyal following and currently has an attractive offer of an uncapped, 2Mb service for ?14.99 a month - with free set-up."
Okay, the ?15 figure is for the PAYG option with a 1GB limit... but I think the loyalty assessment is correct!


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