UK Government backtracking on FiT cuts?

Has the Government backed down on its feed-in tariff cut? On 29 December 2011 it published a report (for the benefit of the EU) entitled "First Progress Report on the Promotion and Use of Energy from Renewable Sources for the United Kingdom".

Page 22 refers to the consultation launched in October 2011, "following which new solar PV tariffs for smaller-scale installations are proposed to be implemented from 1st April 2012". Annex A (page 34) shows the existing FiT rate-sheet, at 39.6p per unit for 2012/13.

No mention is made of the recent halving of the FiT, or of the requirement for the home-owner to raise their home efficiency to grade C. Is this an oversight, an omission or an actual change of policy?

The report is available as a PDF from


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