Solar Field Emerges in North Norfolk

A new field of solar PV panels is being built on the outskirts of North Walsham, North Norfolk. After a lengthy search on the North Norfolk District Council's planning portal, I have discovered that the development is a "Large Scale Major Development" in the Worstead parish.

The proposal itself is entitled "Construction of 5MW solar generating facility" and is a 12 hectare site (part of Carlton Farm) sandwiched between the railway line and the Old Yarmouth Road. The application was registered by Mr R Atkins (of Magdalen Street, Norwich) in early April 2011, and had no objections. It was granted because it was considered to comply with various policies of the Development Plan. One useful aspect of the site location is that it is next door to the main North Walsham electrical substation.

For more details, see the application PF/11/0418 on the website.


by Adam Charvet on 08 September 2011
I think this represents an incredibly healthy forward thinking move for the UK. We need to generate more of our electricity from sustainable means and this is not only a great way to do this but also a step in the right direction in terms of planning policy.
by peter lines on 19 September 2011
Being next to the substation has not really helped as they appear to have had to put cables alll the way from the site into a smaller sub station located on the norwich rd in NW near the old food factory.
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