A 100% Solar Home: Mike Strizki

This is The Hopewell Project, the first Solar-Hydrogen Residence in North America. 56 solar panels provide excessive amounts of energy to Mike Strizki's 280m2 home during the Summer months, and the excess (150% more than is needed) is used to convert water into hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored in 10 giant tanks sited well away from the residence. There is even enough spare hydrogen to power Strizki's hydrogen-fuel car. The system was cheap though, running to $500,000. It was also a nightmare for building code officials (Department of Community Affairs) who didn't know how to handle the potential risks of liquid hydrogen.

The picture (right) only shows the shed that sites the solar panels and contains the transformer, battery and electrolysis equipment.

Here is an excellent video presented by Strizki himself, describing the various components in detail:


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