An accessible kitchen shelf for the corner cupboard

Do you have one of those corner cupboards in the kitchen which is rather difficult to get to the back of? And you've looked at how expensive it is to buy a special pull-out storage unit to make good use of the space? Well, I might have the solution for you, and it's really easy to make...

All you need is a sheet of plywood, some castor wheels, hardboard, screws and plastic blocks for fixing. The idea is to create a curved shelf, attached to the cupboard door, with wheels attached that roll on the existing cupboard shelf.

Firstly, create a cardboard template of the desired shelf shape by taking measurements of inside the cupboard. To maximise the shelf size you will to experiment with the shape, taping the template to the cupboard door as well to see how it moves as the door opens. Once happy with that, make a plywood version of it (around 5mm smaller on all sides except the one attached to the door, to allow for fixing hardboard to the side of it). You can then attach wheels to the bottom of the plywood and check that it rolls smoothly on the shelf. If all seems well, attach it to the cupboard door and check that it opens and closes ok.

Fixing the hardboard edging to the shelf is straightforward, but needs to be done without the shelf fixed to the door. Simply nail it on and gently bend it to follow the curve of the shelf.

I was planning on having two of these shelves, but realised that the top shelf would restrict accessibility to the bottom shelf - and also found that a fully loaded top shelf was putting a lot of load on the cupboard door when it was open. So, the top shelf is left as just a static format.


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