Opt-out of unaddressed mail

It is possible to get rid of the non addressed junk that is delivered by various companies, including Royal Mail.

Royal Mail

Email your name and address to optout@royalmail.com, and they will send you a pre-printed form for you to sign and return - Freepost! For more information, read the Royal Mail's guide: How do I opt out of receiving any leaflets or unaddressed promotional material?.

Direct Marketing Association

They operate the Your Choice preference scheme, allowing you to opt-out from unaddressed deliveries from non-Royal Mail distributors. Email your name and address to yourchoice@dma.org.uk.

Other Unwanted Mail

Visit the Mailing Preference Service for information about stopping other unwanted communications. It's a really quick online process to opt-out of unsolicited mail, and just requires an email confirmation at the end.


on 01 January 2014
Any other bright ideas for putting postmen out of work !. Much easier to just use your green bin.
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