Dyson repaired, just inside warranty!

Our Dyson DC-07 upright vacuum cleaner worked faultlessly for four years and ten months, and suddenly suffered a motor failure. The noise and smell were unquestionably because of burnt out brushes in the motor so, with only two months remaining on the warranty, we called Dyson for advice.

The service from Dyson was faultness. An engineer (an actual employee of Dyson, no less) made a home visit a few days later and practically took the machine to pieces. Not only did he replace the motor, but also the clutch assembly, post-filter pad, brushbar assembly and internal hose assembly. We practically had a new Dyson by the end of the repair!

When the warranty does expire in November, we can still call them out at they will get the cleaner working again for a flat fee of roughly £80 - including parts. That's a good way to keep these work-horses going, so that they're not thrown on the scrap-heap like cheaper brands.


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