Insurance Cashback? Avoid Yes Insurance!

Warning: Everything here is my opinion only. It is up to you to draw your own conclusions.

Quidco is a great place to get cashback on all sorts of purchases, whether they are mundane or extravagant. I usually go for the mundane stuff like insurance, and last November I did just this with a Yes Insurance home policy, with Quidco offering £55 cash back.

After I waited almost a year (my car insurance with them runs out in a few weeks) I was told a few weeks ago that my cashback was declined. Apparently the quote was tracked but no purchase was made. No reason given beyond that. I've had no problems with any other cashback; Yes Insurance presumably is just profiteering.

I posted this same comment on the Yes Insurance QuidClan which interestingly is only a few weeks old and with admittedly only three members (20 October 2009). Is Yes Insurance now only just starting to trickle out these cashback declines, in the hope that people have forgotten about them?

Quidco itself is not interested in pursuing these sorts of issues. Here is the response in their ticket system:

Thank you for your enquiry regarding your declined yesinsurance transaction.

The insurer has taken the decision to decline your cashback because they have no record of the purchase of a policy via Quidco. A quote did track initially, but not one linked to an actual sale.

We regret that we are not in a position to be able to question this as their decision is final.

We do understand just how frustrating this must be for you, especially after such a long period of waiting for a resolution, and we are very sorry for any inconvenience that this outcome may have caused you.

I questioned the validity of Quidco's tracking and reliability statistics, and Yes Insurance is now not showing statistics - at least, for its home insurance. (It isn't showing a cashback offer for car insurance any more.) Quidco responded to my concerns with this:
These statistics are an average only. Your yesinsurance transaction did track - in accordance with the 99% tracking statistics.

We are, however, currently reviewing our tracking statistics accordingly for all of our merchants.

Update: Saturday 24 October 2009 On receiving a renewal quote for my car insurance from Yes Insurance, I called them to see whether I might renew if they knocked the £55 owing off the quote. The extremely pleasant and knowledgable person I spoke to, Paul Wilkinson, stated that Yes Insurance has never offered any form of cashback in the five years that he's worked for them. He knew about Quidco and was indeed a member himself, but was adamant that Yes Insurance had no cashback agreement with them. He put me on hold for several minutes while he checked this with his senior manager, and confirmed that to be the case. He said that the information I had given would be investigated internally and that I may be contacted in future regarding this matter.


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