Water Consumption

How much water do you use? Do you have any idea? According to Environment Agency figures, each person in England uses 148 litres PER DAY. What is meant by 'person' (ie, is it adults and children?) or whether it includes leakages before arriving at the house, is not stated. However, that is a lot of water per person. Our household uses around 1300L per week; it is a family of six, putting daily per-person use at 31L per day. If we only include adults (which does seem rather unfair), it is 93L per day. We try not to waste water, but surely aren't in the 'frugal' camp... or are we?

So to repeat ourselves, how much water do you use?

This article was inspired after reading the Guardian: Running dry, running out: we're wasting too much water despite warnings to turn off taps.


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