Solid Wood Kitchen Worktops

We're considering whether to invest in solid wood worktops for our kitchen. We currently have a vast expanse of chipboard laminate which does the job, but after several years of use is now showing signs of wear.

There are many types of wood suitable for a wooden worktop, but the most common are these:

  • Oak This is a temperate hardwood, and is most popular.
  • Teak
  • Maple A light and fine-grained wood. Usually used for cooking aids.
  • Iroko This is also known as African Teak, and doesn't stain easily. You'll often find it used for boat decks
Prices vary enormously, from £100 for a 2.4m length from B&Q, to many hundreds of pounds per metre for the Iroko. These woods are only suitable for occasional use, not for worktops:
  • Cherry A pinky-red wood.
  • Walnut A dark brown wood.
  • Beech Dark-flecked wood of a light tan colour.
  • Ash Creamy white with a dark grain.


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