What LCD TV To Buy?

Mum wants a new TV, with built-in Freeview, to replace her ancient 20" CRT model. She's had a look at a few, and has decided that a 26" widescreen LCD TV is almost certainly too small (around 80cm wide in total), but a 32" version is a bit big, at over 90cm wide.

Here's a selection of 32" models, in no particular order (prices include delivery):

There's also the 27" Toshiba 27WLT56, a Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV:

As for the Sony Bravia, I've been doing a bit of comparison and can't really see much difference between them (the U,S and V variants) - see a Sony Bravia 32" Comparison. If you click on 'Hide Similar specifications', there's not much difference remaining. As for the Bravia Engine of the 'S' and 'V' models, and the Live Colour Creation of the 'V' model, I'd be surprised if the average viewer would appreciate any difference over the 'U' version.
Typical price for the 32" U version is £650, and for the 32" V version it is around £1000. The S version, at around £800, is not widely available.


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