Domestic Oil June 2005

We've found ourselves running low on oil - that's domestic heating oil, or 28 second kerosene. We have what we think is a 2000L tank, and it's edged below the point where you're supposed to get it refilled.

Here are the suppliers that we've found, and their quotes (plus 5% VAT of course):

  • CPS Fuels Tel 0800 7833332. I spoke to Rita who gave me two quotes: 31.25p/L for 1000L, or 30.95p/L for 2000L. She later said that I could have 1500L at the 2000L price. They make no surcharge for payment by credit card.
  • Goff Tel 01603 410861. A lady called Christine gave me a quote of 30.35p/L for 1500L. They have a 2% surcharge on credit card payments.
  • SC Fuels Tel 0845 6004006. Their website quoted me 31.75p/L for 1500L. They make no charge for payment by credit card.
  • Boilerjuice Their website gives a price of 31.45p/L for 1500L, or 30.95p/L for 2000L.
  • Black Cat I was told by a friend that you should only order from them if you need oil quickly, as they charge a premium for a quick service. Sure enough they were charging 34p/L for 1500L.

In the end we plumped for 1500L from CPS fuels, for ?487. Putting the charge on a zero-percent credit card saved us more than getting the fuel cheaper from Goff. The order was placed on a Friday, and the tank was filled the next Tuesday. The tank level now seems to be about the same as when we bought the house a year ago, so that's ?487 a year for heating and hot water; seems quite high to me. Oil is very expensive right now though...


by Heating Oil Prices Uk on 02 February 2012
Though heating oil is having a rise on the cost, using gas and electricity is still expensive compared to oil.
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