Crivit Sealant Spray

This sealant spray from the Lidl's sports brand is a convenient way to get rolling again after you suffer a puncture - without having to remove the tyre or inner tube! All you need to do is remove the object that caused the puncture, screw the sealant tube onto the open valve, pop off the protective cap and release the contents of the can into the inner tube. Use a regular pump to top up the tyre, if the pressure is too low.

It's certainly a lot less faff than messing around with tyre removal and inner tube repair/replacement, but this sealant is only claimed to work as an "emergency fix". Once you're home, replace the tube with a new one. At £4 a can, I'll be carrying one as a "last gasp" option if my spare inner tubes let me down.


by Edvins on 17 August 2018
I did use last night got puncture on way home from work good 3miles to go.Cirvit sealant did the job done and abot 4ps nod bad
by John doe on 07 January 2018
How many times can it be used for???
by John Swindells on 07 January 2018
According to the instructions, a can is good to fix a single tube.

However, I had the "opportunity" to use it the other day, and it did absolutely nothing. I followed the instructions and gave the can a good shake, attached it to the valve and pressed the button... and nothing came out. After several seconds of holding the button down a small amount of white foam started moving along the tube, but very slowly - and then stopped. I've somehow got to find out from Lidl's what the issue is!

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