Coyote bike maintenance stand

Despite owning and maintaining many bikes over the years, I only recently made the sensible decision to buy a bike work-stand. It was a bit of an impulse decision actually, as I saw one on offer whilst looking for other bike bits, but I now wish that I'd done it a long long time ago!

I bought the Coyote Workshop Maintenance Bike Stand for £80 online, and it arrived almost ready to go. The only fixing required was the magnetic shelf - the stand itself simply folded out from its 'closed' form, and I was able to start using it within a matter of minutes.

The Coyote stand is extremely light and manoeuvrable, and holds firm even if I'm working on one of the light bikes in my collection. The quick-release grabbing arm is simple to use, and is quite tolerant of various shapes of bike tubing. There is a bit of creaking from the bike stand when putting load on the bike, eg, vigorous removal of caked-on mud from the downtube, but it doesn't appear to be outside the stand's comfort zone.

Overall, this is a decent bike stand that does the job and at a reasonable price. You can pay a lot more and a lot less, and the feature-list on more expensive models may be enticing, but if you want a simple to use, lightweight stand that holds your bike without any fuss, this one should be in your shortlist.


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