Pro Blaze Overshoes pass the test

All too often, modern day products fail to withstand the test of time, especially when exposed to the elements like most cycling equipment and clothing. In the case of the Pro Blaze Wind Blocker Overshoes, however, I am please to report that they are still going strong - surviving two full-time winters!

After many hundreds of miles use in the worst of weather conditions (including the odd off-road excursion), these overshoes are far from mint condition. They are starting to go a bit ragged underneath, and the velcro fastening down there is getting a little tired. But the point is, they are still perfectly wearable and they do their job - something I've never had with previous overshoes after even a single winter season!

You want to know the best bit? The price! I bought them for £12 from Chain Reaction Cycles, and that's the price they are now! (May 2012, 45% off the RRP).

The only thing about the design is that you need to put them on before you put your shoes on, since they wrap down over the shoes and fasten underneath with velcro. It's a minor inconvenience if you need to put them on or take them off mid-ride, but their easier to actually get over the shoes than the usual zip-up-the-back variety. It's a matter of opinion, of course.


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