Mavic Ksyrium SL Wheels

These are very nice wheels indeed. If you have a bit of cash to spare they might not initially catch the eye, as they aren't deep section and aren't carbon fibre. However, they have a superb reputation for their enduring strength despite being under 1500g for a pair.

Here are their specs, as featured at (Ksyrium, SL: Race and time proven technologies):

  • Wheelset weight: 1485 grams.
  • Rim material: Maxtal.
  • Spokes: Zicral (7075 aluminium alloy), straight pull, bladed. 18 at the front, 20 at the rear.
  • Nipples: M7 aluminium.
  • Front hub: oversize carbon, aluminium flanges.
  • Rear hub: aluminium.
  • Supplied with quick releases, computer magnet, bearing adjustment tool, spoke wrench, spoke holder, user guide.

January 2012 I bought a pair of these wheels, new, from Pedal Revolutions in Norwich. They've said that the wheels will be fine for cyclocross and tandem, as well as the more conventional crit racing and commuting work. Let's see how they hold up!


by Steve on 19 January 2012
Hmmm. 1500g is light. I just bought some Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels which come in at 1800g or thereabouts. I use the bike mostly for day rides as I am retired now so don't have to commute anymore :) . About once a year I might go credit card touring for a couple of days so I hope these are strong enough for that.
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