Crivit Bike Computer

This is a budget cycle computer, but you have to know how to use it. Here you can read the user manual and pick up useful tips. This bike computer (10-LD2930) from Crivit has the following features:

  • Memory and distance counter for two bicycles
  • Speed, average speed and maximum speed display
  • Speed comparison
  • Speed tendency (speeding up / slowing down)
  • Trip timer (up to 10 hours, counting up or down)
  • Time and stopwatch function
  • Distance counter (forward and reverse counting)
  • Thermometer (min and max)
  • Metric or Imperial units
  • Fat burn counter
  • Auto-start
  • Easy mode and advanced mode options
  • Backlight

Find more Lidl sports accessories on the Crivit page!

Here is the full manual on the website: It certainly is feature-packed, but how does it bear up under the strain of bike riding?


by dondon on 16 April 2020
Got mine on a second hand bike. Took about 5 minutes to figure out the functions. Had to adjust the wheelectronics size to calibrate it exactly to mile measured but GPS, as on a ride of 50 miles it was 2 miles short on indicated distance. Just had to put in a lower value for wheel circumference.
by Heith Fenner on 10 June 2018
How do you convert to miles per hour and miles ?
by John on 18 September 2015
Where do we send the Crivit cycle computers back to as they are under a 3 year warrenty? My batteries are only lasting 2-3 days. Even the expensive ones!

It may only have cost £6.99 but I have spent twice that on batteries in as many days!

by John Swindells on 18 September 2015
Crivit is a Lidl brand, so I would suggest contacting Lidl UK.
by John B on 13 September 2015
My Crivit cycle computer works very well... but boy does it go through the batteries! Whether bargain CR2032's or expensive makes little difference.

Does anyone else have this problem?

on 16 August 2015
How to set the wheel circumferance and what is the meaning of"service" in "advance" Manu "? Thanks.
by Nanma on 29 July 2014
For a manual, go to & enter your product number in the search box.

It starts IAN - enter the number, select language.

Your product number should be on the back of your computer.

Mine is 9779

Hope that is helpful

by Alan Williams on 29 April 2013
How far from the spokes (distance) should it be?
by John Swindells on 29 April 2013
I don't know for sure, but there should typically be a gap of 2mm or so between the magnet (on the spoke) and the sensor (on the fork). This should allow the magnet to be detected by the sensor but not be in danger of hitting it.
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by Leon on 11 August 2012
How do I find the wheel circumferance information? I have lost my leaflet for my crivit sport cycle computer.
by kev france on 12 September 2012
put a chalk mark on your wheel and the ground and push bike forward until it comes right round again and mark the ground there. measure this distance this will give you your wheel circumference
by Sandy on 11 August 2012
Can anyone supply instructions for my crivit cycle computer (model 43489)?
by John Swindells on 11 August 2012
The instructions can be downloaded at My computer has the number 43489 on the back but it is model 10-LD2590. This information is not easy to discover once you have lost the leaflet!
by Rob on 11 August 2012
Can anyone supply instructions for my crivit cycle computer Model no Z31162 ver 04/2012? I bought the thing on holiday in France from lidl, no english instructions.
by Derek Q on 02 August 2012
Crivit is very good, I have had the wireless version for some time now. Have just changed bikes, and found I had lost the manual for the Crivit! Thanks for directing me to the website for the manual, I was getting stuck trying to get it back to display mph!
by Chickygirl on 10 August 2012
I bought a Crivit cycle computer and broke the very next day i installed!!! i could not returned because i have lost the receipt... Disappointing!
by Jood Brinton on 11 May 2012
Further to the last, the clock comes with the 'fact' that it can be used for 2 cycles with 2 settings, have tried to use these independently for outward and return journeys only to find that the readings reset to zero when you change from C1 to C2 or vice versa....not too good if you are wishing to compare readings,

Having said this, it wouldn't stop me from recommending this clock to anyone, it is a good vloce, easy to use, read and understand...

by Rowerzysta on 03 May 2012
Does anyone know if the calories in the crivit cycle computer means cal or kcal?
by Bryan on 23 March 2012
I have the cheapo model, but it looks much the same, but am struggling to set up the sensor and magnet as per the instructions - there does not seem to be enough room between the bike frame and the wheel spokes.
by Ludek on 14 March 2012
Hello, what's the minimal possible tyre diameter? I would like to mount it on my kick scooter with 200mm tyres :)
by Jood Brinton on 11 February 2012
Yes this computer does bear up under the strain, have used it in all weathers from very cold,(UK)to Central France, temps of over 35 deg C and other than the screen darkening because it was left in the sunlight it continued to work once the screen was back to usual.....would recommend it, definitely..
by John Swindells on 12 February 2012
That's good to know, Jood. You can spend a lot of money on bike computers, in the hope that they'll last longer than the cheap ones - but Crivit seems to do a great job of turning out robust, reliable products.
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