Crivit Sports HRM / Pedometer

Fantastic product, available from Lidl's. It's really easy to set up, and picks up your heart beat without any fuss as soon as you put the band on. Time will tell whether it is anywhere near as comfortable or reliable as Polar HRM kit, but the Crivit monitor should definitely compare favourably to the Cateye and Cardiosport HRM competition.

Find more Lidl sports accessories on the Crivit page!

One month on... my first impressions: Generally the monitor performs very well, with a comfortable transmitter belt and good reception on the wrist-watch. However, when I start out on a ride and my heart rate lifts to 150-odd BPM, the monitor instantly starts beeping at me because it thinks my heart rate is over 190BPM! My heart rate only reaches this high on prolonged, extreme exertion, certainly not at the start of a leisurely ride. Not sure what to make of this, but it does settle down after five minutes or so.

Another small niggle is the feeble metal buckle on the watch strap; the arm swings around quite freely and when you're trying to tighten the buckle it easily slips the wrong side of the retaining plate, which means you have to take the strap out and start again. It's really trivial, but irksome nonetheless.

Over a year on... how has it lasted? I haven't used the HRM very much, as I haven't been riding much competitive or endurance events. However, having just worn it on a 10-mile time trial I can say that it performs exactly the same as the first time I used it. The monitor still has the annoying problem of 'flipping out' at high exertion, and I think that its reading of 180 beats per minute for most of my ride was just too high.

Two years on... the watch has died, and a fresh battery isn't enough to make the buttons work effectively. Despite two years at a low workload, my Crivit heart monitor is no more.

The Manual

For the benefit of people who need the manual, I've scanned the English version in and you can download it as a PDF. The quality's not great, but it may be better than nothing. You can also find a bunch of manuals on the website.

The Crivit Sports HRM chest strap

The Crivit Sports HRM chest strap


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by Heather Brynes on 20 August 2016 Reply
Hi anyone know how I display previous calories burned once I have reset it
by Denis on 07 August 2015 Reply
would like to know how to set an age before 1990?
by Moira on 04 March 2016 Reply
You keep pressing the sel button and it scrolls round to 1900 and upwards.
by aoife on 30 July 2015 Reply
Can anyone tell me how to turn the watch off or if it just sleeps itself?
by kalima on 10 April 2015 Reply
mine stopped working after 2 years and they refused to replace it even though it is still on warranty. never buy anything electronic from LIDL again
by Alex on 22 March 2015 Reply
Thank you very much for the scanned version of manual, after searching in Google I only found sites that require payment in order to read and I lost my manual somewhere. Wish you best training with this watch and thanks once again. :)
by Barbara on 09 August 2014 Reply
I just bought it and cannot find how many BAR does it have. Who knows?
by Tomasz on 12 August 2016 Reply
3 Bar
by Michael on 30 July 2014 Reply
If any body can tell me how to set hart rate sensor ,cause there is no signal being received on the watch, HRM mode dead. The rest after setting OK.
by peter on 30 July 2014 Reply
use for some years now and I am happy with it considering the very low cost; however I face some issues;

during running HR often suddenly drop to about halve the actual rate; I think it has something to do with the strap that is not tight enough and then slips away and surely not a battery issue. Also the HRM starts to beep every time my HR exceeds 160; very annoying and no way found to to change this limit; I assume it could have a relation with programmed age (60) and body size (1.73m @ 67kg); somebody might have a clue? would be great.

by keita on 30 July 2014 Reply

I have just bought this watch, someone can tell how to change the language please.

on 25 July 2014 Reply
die crivit horloge ik heb er nu ook een van de lidl ze zijn kij fijn aleen dat hartslag ding werkt niet echt of ik heb de instelingen niet goed o en de genen die vroeg hoe je alles moet resetten gewoon bij je home beeld op set duwen 4 seconden
by Ron on 22 May 2013 Reply
When I've been jogging for about 15 mins, my HRM mode and Heart rate reading go down to a very low reading, which isn't correct, very annoying.

I've changed both watch and chest strap batteries. Can anyone advise?

Thanks Ron

by GEORGE on 18 March 2013 Reply
Can you please tell me how to do setup again? I want to change from Km/hr to Miles/hr.



by Phil on 24 July 2013 Reply
George, try pressing and holding SET and SEL in order to completely reset the device.

I have a different Crivit watch but I assume the functions are quite similar.


by Mandy on 07 March 2013 Reply
Sounds like you have a heart problem John. If your heart rate is hitting 180 and settling down after 5 mins it could be SVT
by John Swindells on 08 June 2013 Reply
Hi Mandy, sorry for not getting back to you sooner and thanks for your concern. I had non-reading from another HRM for the first 25 minutes of a high exertion ride today, so am a bit concerned that it may be some sort of arrhythmia. I'll ask my GP for an ECG, and take it from there!
by adi on 28 February 2013 Reply
Can I by only the belt it self separatly, the old one dont work and from where?
by Alan on 17 January 2013 Reply
See also for instructions


by John Swindells on 17 January 2013 Reply
That's really helpful, thanks!
by Angela on 11 August 2012 Reply
How do i set a crivit sports pedometer?
by John Swindells on 11 August 2012 Reply
I don't think that there's anything to set. You just put it in 'PEDO' mode (using the top right button) and it will automatically detect your movements.
by Sam on 29 April 2012 Reply
When your on HRM how do you change it from calories per minute to calories burned?
by Jonny on 07 March 2012 Reply
Rob thanks for posting the link to the manual website really helpful , deserves good carma.

Sound man.


by Kalle Saarela on 15 April 2012 Reply
How to change batteries to this thing?
by Peter on 16 September 2012 Reply
The hrm battery is easy..just undo back with coin and change battery...the watch is a bit have to unscrew the four small screws with a micro cross head screwdriver , remove back and release battery retaining clip with another screwdriver ( flathead micro should do it ) then change battery snap back retainer clip and screw back into place...a bit fiddly but with a little patience you should manage, either that or take to any watch won't cost much and you won't void your warranty..
by Robert on 23 February 2012 Reply
Thanks very much for the manual. Bought it at Lidl and lost it, so never really got into it, but my Polar has now given up the ghost and my attempt to change the battery failed, and at ?22 for a new transmitter, this will now fill the gap. Many thanks.
by john.doe.192.88 on 12 July 2011 Reply
Just bought the new crivit hrm from lidl, its for 12.xx, going to try and get it started.
by Bob on 23 June 2011 Reply
Any one know where you can get a new strap for the watch my one just snaped
by chas ching on 28 May 2011 Reply
Yes, it was the battery Doh! I expected it to last longer,but I may have used it more than I realised when accessing the subfeatures or forgot to go out of HR mode after training use, but the display didn't indicate LOW BATT as in the manual.Any comments on battery life?

I agree with IAN ref the START/STOP function, otherwise ok, so far! Chas.

by chas ching on 26 May 2011 Reply
I have had my HRM 2 months,it's been fine until now,but can't get HR to register,tried wetting area etc, everything else seems ok.Dont realy want the trouble of take/ send baek,as very pleased till now.ANY Ideas?
by Peter on 16 September 2012 Reply
You probably need to change batteries....when they run down hrm takes longer to connect to watch and becomes very unreliable..
by Hasse on 04 April 2011 Reply
Do you now if the chest belt transmitt wih Bluetooth ? I would like to connect it to my smartphone
by tim on 15 February 2011 Reply
how much is the HRM
by John Swindells on 15 February 2011 Reply
it was ?25, if I recall correctly.
by Ian on 25 February 2011 Reply
Not sure if I have missed a trick but the frustrating thing about the Crivit is as soon as its strapped on it sets off all the counters there seems to be no start/stop function when used in HRM Mode. I simply want to measure after exercise the Av HR, total time, calories/%fat burned and timed my HR was in the set zone. But as all the values are activated as soon as you put it on, time is wasted having to go through all the selections as quick as you can to reset the values back to zero before setting off and the only way to stop the counters after exercise appears to be taking the strap off asap or is there a page missing from my manual?
by Danielle on 16 November 2010 Reply
I can't seem to get the watch to pick up my resting heart rate - it picks up once I've started running but not before that - any ideas?
by Peter on 16 September 2012 Reply
That's a sign that the batteries are running down...
by John Swindells on 16 November 2010 Reply
That's odd, but maybe the sensor pads aren't moist enough before you strap the belt on. Just a little bit of water is needed. Let me know if that helps!
by Patrick de Boevere on 06 September 2010 Reply
I dislike the fact that the chrono does not record the avg or actual heartrate during excersize. This is handy for evaluating races and training-runs.

A real missed option, which rules out serious users.

by Haigougi on 05 September 2010 Reply

I bought the Crivit sports watch in order to count Heart rate, time etc.

However, it seems that I have lost the manual and unfortunately, I can not set up the watch.

Do you know where I can find a manual for this?

even if the manual is not for my watch, I guess it will have almost the same settings.

I would really appreciate if you could help.



by John Swindells on 06 September 2010 Reply
Hi Haigougi, I've uploaded a PDF of the Crivit manual. Please check this page for the link.
by Filip on 04 August 2010 Reply
I need user manual for this watch? If somebody have it please mail me on


by John Swindells on 06 September 2010 Reply
Check back on my page for the Crivit HRM manual! I've just uploaded a PDF version.
on 03 August 2010 Reply
een paar vragen bij de werking van de stappenteller hoe word de gemiddelde snelheid gemeten en wat betekend de stopwatch

[Rough translation to English: A few questions in the operation: how to measure the average speed; and what does the stopwatch do?]

by ANTONIO on 15 July 2010 Reply
me he comprado uno no tiene mala pinta

[Rough translation to English: I have bought myself one, it doesn't feel bad]

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