Hybrio: Better Batteries than NiMH?

WatchBattery has started stocking the Hybrio battery:
Rechargeable batteries are brilliant aren't they? With more than 20,000 tonnes of disposable batteries being dumped into UK landfill sites each year, by using rechargeable batteries you are doing your bit for the environment and saving yourself money too.

The problem with NiMH rechargeable batteries however, is that they tend to lose their charge quite quickly. You may have charged some NiMH batteries for spares and find that when you come to use them some weeks later that they are completely discharged. Now there is an answer.

Uniross have developed a hybrid battery that combines all the benefits of standard alkaline batteries together with the eco-friendly advantages of rechargeable batteries.

Uniross Hybrio Batteries

  • The Uniross Hybrio batteries hold 70% of their charge for a whole year after charging.
  • They can be charged in a standard battery charger and they are shipped charged, ready to use.
  • They can be recharged up to 500 times.
  • They are ideal for standard devices like remote controls, toys, radios and alarm clocks, but also for high-tech devices like MP3 players and CD players and with the AA

Hybrios having a capacity of 2100 mAh, they are even suitable for digital cameras.

A pack of four 2100mAh Hybrio batteries is available from WatchBattery for £9.


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