Effect of the Norwich Northern Bypass on Cyclists

The Norwich Northern Distributor Road has been debated at length and for many years. The essential problem is that it would cut through exceptionally beautiful countryside whichever route it took, and would chop up no end of country lanes that are essential for numerous rural villages. These country lanes also form a diverse backbone of cycle-friendly routes.

The current plan for this bypass is available from Norfolk County Council as a PDF, and the chunk that affects routes between Norwich and North Walsham/Wroxham is reproduced below. St Faiths Lane is marked for closure, and the Buxton Road to Spixworth would be reduced to a cycleway flyover. Two new large-scale roundabouts on the North Walsham Road and Wroxham Road would be potentially extremely hazardous for cyclists - although the existing junction on the North Walsham Road is pretty nasty already. There appear to be new cycle routes proposed along various lengths of the bypass, so it's not all bad.

To read more about this from the cyclist's point of view, go to the NDR page at NorfolkCycling.co.uk.


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