Shops in Norwich that might be able to help with supplies

The absolute priority with any quality ride is knowing where the tea-rooms are. So, we've compiled a map of the best-uns!

Specialised Cycles 80 Connaught Road, NORWICH; Tel: 01603 665668
    This is a small but well-established and well-stocked shop that is within a stone's throw of the Golden Triangle.
    If you're looking for a new tyre or the latest cycle computer, this is the place to go.
The Runners Centre 145 Nelson Street, NORWICH; Tel: 01603 665398
    As its name implies, this is the place primarily for the runner. However, the fitness products are equally applicable to cycling: notably, the heart rate monitors and carbohydrate powder.

Clubs in Norfolk

Andrew Mills mentioned below that the Norfolk District Association of the CTC (Cyclists Touring Club) has a website, but got the link wrong. Here it is: It is essentially based in Norwich, but has West Norfolk and South Norfolk (Diss) sections too. There doesn't seem to be anything established in North or East Norfolk.


by Andrew Mills on 14 March 2005
Anyone who wants information on cycling in Norfolk could do worse than contacting Norfolk CTC @ The local branch of The "Cyclist's Touring Club". We Have Cycle Rides and Events across the County.
by Marius on 01 February 2005

I stay in Great Yarmouth and I am looking for a road cycle group to join for rides ? Any ideas


by Julii on 01 February 2005
I know of a couple, both with a mix of abilities:

Great Yarmouth CC - tel 01493 728815

VC Baracchi - tel 01502 519599

The latter is a Lowestoft group, and both are into road-racing and time trialling. I'm sure they do plenty of recreational rides too.

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