Diss CC Suffolk Supercross

Location: Redgrave, Diss, UK

Leaden skies threatened the organisers, helpers and racers all day at Redgrave, butwe got away with it and enjoyed fairly dry conditions. Not to say that there wasn't any mud: the course is notorious for churned-up grass that saps the legs lap after lap, and today was spot-on. There were plenty of slippery hairpins and churned-up off-camber turns, but the warm breeze kept them rideable. Great work by the Diss CC, with a nice HQ and cheerful helpers!

Full results on the Eastern Cross website.

Under-10s race

Under-12s race

Youth race

Vet 50's race

Vet 40-49's race

Just a few photos of me I’m afraid, taken by my son Michael!

Women's race

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