Springfield Cross

Location: Arun Close, Chelmsford CM1 7QE, United Kingdom

Excellent first day of racing at Springfield for the UK's Eastern Region Cyclo-cross League, 2017-18. The under-12s had a long, challenging course with short, sharp climbs and off-camber turns, and the older racers had a lot of dismounts to contend with - lots of steps, plus two massive hurdles! Very hard work.

Springfield CX vets 40-49 race – 6th

Ride on 2017-09-10 12:31:11, at with 42 others

Gear: Specialized Crux Elite

19km in 0:48:02

Average speed23.6 kmh
Max speed44.6 kmh
Average heart rate176 bpm
Average power228 Watts
Elevation gain204 metres

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