Amis Velo Hilly Fields Supacross

Location: St. Helena School (Stop 1), Colchester, United Kingdom

The course was almost bone dry and with lots of long dry grass, despite a lot of rain two days earlier. The younger riders raced first in overcast conditions, and the sun came out for the afternoon racing. Results are on the Eastern League website.

Here's my ride on Strava:

Amis Velo Hilly Fields Supacross - 3rd in vets 40-49 race!

Ride on 2016-09-18 12:29:10, at with 26 others

Gear: Specialized Crux Elite

17km in 0:38:21

Average speed25.8 kmh
Max speed47.2 kmh
Average heart rate175 bpm
Average power213 Watts
Elevation gain70 metres

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