Amis Velo Hilly Fields Cross

Location: St. Helena School (Stop 1), Colchester, United Kingdom

The grassy, muddy course had been subject to a lot of rain earlier in the week, but warm conditions and a lot of preparation by the Amis Velo crew made it grippy, and only slightly cut up in places. All races appeared to go smoothly, with no pile-ups or delays, and the sun shone brightly throughout the day! Full results on the Eastern Cross website.

Eastern Cross round 4: Amis Velo Hilly Fields

Ride on 2015-09-20 12:30:50, at Colchester with 24 others

Gear: Specialized Crux Elite

18km in 0:47:51

Average speed22.4 kmh
Max speed42.5 kmh
Average heart rate166 bpm
Average power193 Watts
Elevation gain344 metres

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