Ipswich Cross

Location: Ipswich IP3 8UH, United Kingdom

The first of three cyclocross events at Trinity Park in Ipswich saw an exceptional amount of rain fallng from mid-morning onwards, turning a lot of the course into marsh and filth. The hand-made sandpit also got washed away, leaving a deep hole of water for riders to launch themselves into!

Trinity Park Cross: filthy & wet, not for me!

Ride on 2014-11-23 13:26:15, at Ipswich with 7 others

Gear: Specialized Crux Elite

10km in 0:46:00

Average speed12.8 kmh
Max speed34.9 kmh
Average heart rate104 bpm
Average power73 Watts
Elevation gain37 metres

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Ipswich Cross: youth race

Ipswich Cross: youth race


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