30 December 2012: Iceni Velo Chris Cross

The penultimate round (#13) of the Eastern Cross league was fabulously sunny - but very windy! The large amounts of tape used for the brand new cyclocross course at the Horse Welfare Centre in Snetterton, creating a lot of work for riders and helpers alike.

Women & Veterans Race

Seniors & Juniors Race

The course had only degraded marginally, on the tight grass turns, by the final race. It certainly caused no problems for elite vet Greg Simcock (Team Scott UK) and junior Sean Dunlea (PCA Ciclos Uno) as they fought a close tussle for first and second place, respectively. Winning time: 11 laps in 57:34.

Great Yarmouth CC results -

  • 12th: John Swindells, @3:58

Youth Race

Matt Clements (Lee Valley Youth) had a comfortable 54 second margin over Dougal Toms (Iceni Velo), with a time of 28:57.

Great Yarmouth CC results -

  • 14th: Matthew Baker, @1 lap + 1:32

Reports and photos

British Cycling report - Simcock wins again in Eastern League.

British Cycling photos by Fergus Muir - 30 December 2012, on Flickr. Also, special thanks to Fergus for the photo of me!


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