20 November 2011: Hempton Cross

This was Round 10 of the Eastern Cross League, in warm and sunny conditions with very little breeze. The ground was dry underfoot as well, so overall conditions were straightforward for the cyclocross riders.

Here is an on-bike video of the course:

(Apologies for the bumpy ride! A helmet-mounted camera would have been much better.)

Youth race

Here is a video of the youth race (under 16's and under 14's):

The under 14's race was won by George Jensen of Lea Valley Youth CC. Here are the Great Yarmouth CC under 14's results:

  • 4th Zak Coleman (+1 lap +0:08)
  • 6th Dan Swindells (+1 lap +4:21)
  • 9th Matthew Baker (+2 laps +0:42) *after suffering a major mechanical problem that cost him around 5 minutes - unlucky!

Seniors race

Here is a video of the seniors race (seniors, elite vets and juniors):

The seniors race was won by Andrew Nichols of PCA Ciclos Uno. John Swindells finished 12th out of a field of 24 seniors, +1 lap +4:18 behind.

A special thank-you has to go to course marshall John for his huge encouragements!

News report by Fergus Muir: Nichols claims drmatic win


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