MTB XC Provo Results 2nd ED

Jesse was unlucky to fall several times in the medals event, putting Dave Cooper at the head of the UEA pack.


Postn NumberNameInstitute Time
1305Iain Matthews Nottingham1.28.04
2420Joe Harvey Glamorgan 1.29.14
3342Duncan Jamieson Portsmouth1.29.59
4259Adrian Lansley Durham1.33.23
5372Peter KenchSurrey 1.34.50
6260Geoff Beetham Durham1.35.00
7232Rob EnglishCambridge 1.35.26
8256Joe Bedingfield De Montfort (Beds)1.36.22
9431Adrian Smith Sheffield1.37.23
10434Andrew McFarlane Sheffield1.37.24
11292Jacob Lewis Loughbro1.37.33
12448Daniel Bell Oxford Brook1.38.20
13422S Crumbleholme Glamorgan1.38.28
14353Murtaza Rampuri Southampton1.39.16
15296Ian LeitchNewcastle 1.39.20
16265J Fraser-Moodie Edinburgh1.40.08
17331Digby Symons Oxford1.41.16
18316Luke Harrison Sheffield1.41.18
19318Adam KellyNotts Trent 1.41.59
20398Richard Moulton UWE1.42.01
21201Jeff Forsyth Huddersfield1.42.24
22412Andrew Parkin Brighton1.42.26
23233Duncan Alexander Cambridge1.42.34
24426Andrew Perry Man Met1.42.44
25211Gregory Roach Aberdeen1.43.02
26270William Wright Kingston1.43.08
27212Ross Hewitt Aberdeen1.43.12
28383Mark Bradburn UW Cardiff1.44.10
29432Johnathan Webb Sheffield1.45.11
30297Will Jones Newcastle1.45.27
31298Neil HuntNewcastle 1.45.48
32250Richard Hudson Cen Lancs1.46.04
33427James Taylor Northumbria1.46.46
34411Alistair MacKinlay Bath1.46.48
35352Stephen Swinbank Southampton1.46.57
36395Thomas Smith Warwick1.47.09
37278Matt Bailey Liverpool1.48.48
38228Nick Downham Birmingham1.49.01
39371Philip Baynton Surrey1.49.03
40397Ross Parker UWE1.49.12
41333Nick Pashley Oxford1.49.52
42291Scott Wilkinson Loughboro1.50.31
43405Andy Plowright Manchester1.51.12
44263Jonathan Wadge Durham1.51.15
45217Ed MoseleyBirmingham 1.51.38
46349Leon Gieret Southampton1.51.55
47301Paul Phillips Newcastle1.52.27
48365Nick Tuftnell Surrey1.52.29
49207Andy Jackson Huddersfield1.52.30
50314Ian HoltNottingham 1.52.40
51202Mark JonesHuddersfield 1.52.40
52450David Cooper East Anglia1.52.59
53413Ben SellarBrighton 1.53.38
54462Jason Millward Liverpool1.53.42
55234Jez WestonCambridge 1.53.58
56347Reuben Shaw Southampton1.54.01
57328Robin Forrt Notts Trent1.54.20
58393Nathan Pennington Warwick1.54.34
59368Paul CreeSurrey 1.54.38
60447Nicholas Foster Oxford Brookes1.54.39
61299James Adamson Newcastle1.54.44
62261John Vallins Durham1.54.44
63229Adam Staniaszek Bristol1.55.38
64410Anthony Burke Bath1.56.18
65245Shane Slater Cambridge1.56.23
66381Philip Weller UW Cardiff1.57.22
67449Jesse Baines East Anglia1.57.31
68334Stephen Pierini Oxford1.58.09
69332Philip BeeOxford 1.59.25
70424Chris Smith Hert'shire1.59.38
71214Alistair Davies Aberdeen1.59.42
72319Lee EvansNotts Trent 2.00.11
73241David CopeCambridge 2.00.13
74310Bernie Rowell Nottingham2.00.13
75300Andy BellNewcastle 2.00.36
76266Alistair Cook Edinburgh2.00.43
77206Nick Rogers Huddersfield2.00.48
78306Chris Brown Nottingham2.00.49
79280Dave Whittle Liverpool2.00.52
80446Simon Collins Oxford Brook2.02.18
81281John EvansLiverpool 2.03.05
82267A Ogilvy-Morris Essex2.03.51
83264Matt Griffiths Edinburgh2.04.22
84312Chris BellNottingham 2.04.51
85275David Stollard Leeds2.04.53
86373Jonathan Harris Surrey2.05.08
87304Christian Weiner Newcastle2.06.14
88387Mark JonesWarwick 2.06.17
89363G DobsonStrathclyde 2.06.59
90361Ben Walther Strathclyde2.07.15
91348Ben Rodgers Southampton2.07.23
92240Henry Whaley Cambridge2.07.41
93443Andy Gudgeon Warrington2.10.11
94322Darren Staples Notts Trent2.10.12
95345Simon Warbrook Portsmouth2.10.38
96377M WatkinUMIST 2.12.00
97428Robert Senior Northumbria2.12.18
98370Richard Charlton Surrey2.13.01
99364Stuart Page Surrey2.13.23
100384Ben BathUW Cardiff 1.33.13
101279Dieter Wood Liverpool1.35.19
102315Mustafa Rampuri Nottingham1.42.51
103429Barrie-J Doherty Northumbria1.42.56
104274Mark Jagger Leeds1.43.02
105359Alasdair Stalker Strathclyde1.43.07
106369Mark Tucknott Surrey1.43.08
107204Neil Winbolt Huddersfield1.43.10
108325Ian Hammond Notts Trent1.43.14
109444Peter Ronan Warrington1.43.33
110440Patrick Trainor UW Bangor1.43.40
111344Michael Craine Portsmouth1.44.07
112289Nick Caton Lougboro1.44.10
113380Stephen Brindle UW Cardiff1.44.12
114329John Aldwinkle Notts Trent1.44.20
115271Andrew Wright Kingston1.44.27
116389Alex McCristal Warwick1.45.26
117264Matt Griffiths Edinburgh1.45.28
118327Will Lennard Notts Trent1.45.46
119205Owen Williams Huddersfield1.45.50
120242Matthew Brown Cambridge1.46.10
121216Michael Heslop Aberdeen1.46.46
122290Rich Carroni Loughboro1.46.48
123282Jason Millward Liverpool1.47.09
124414Andy Crane Brighton1.47.32
125302Paul Young Newcastle1.48.12
126417Tim Edwards Coventry1.48.30
127244James Cooper Cambridge1.49.25
128338Lloyd Naylor Plymouth1.49.30
129441Andy Sheldon UW Newport1.49.43
130366Charles Wigfall Surrey1.49.54
131286Duncan Bradford Liverpool JM1.50.36
132435David James Sheffield1.51.27
133367James Hynam Surrey1.52.25
134423Simon Fellingham Hert'shire1.52.34
135386Richard Beail UW Cardiff1.52.54
136219Mark Richardson Birmingham1.53.37
137382Richard Vangasse UW Cardiff1.54.03
138268Tom Sayers Essex1.54.21
139320Mike Cowland Notts Trent1.54.48
140374Lee Humpheson Surrey1.54.52
141209Ian Whittaker Huddersfield1.56.30
142376Mark Robinson UMIST1.55.33
143355Antony Smith Stafford1.56.32
144356Allan Knabe Stafford1.56.42
145335Jonathan Hudson Oxford1.59.27
146378Stephen Bailey UMIST2.00.10
147442Chris Coggins Warrington2.02.54


GOLDSheffield (Adrian Smith 1.37.23, Andrew McFarlane 1.37.24, Luke Harrison 1.41.18)
SILVERDurham (Adrian Lansley 1.33.23, Geoff Beetham 1.35.00, Jonathan Wadge 1.51.15)
BRONZENewcastle (Ian Leitch 1.39.20, Will Jones 1.45.27, Neil Hunt 1.45.48)


by Jon Brookman on 22 April 2011
Hi, I organised the 1997 Championships at Storthes Hall, Huddersfield (to the detriment of my degree!)and am so glad I found this website with results! Thanks
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