300k 3Down London - New Forest

Location: Beaconsfield Services, Beaconsfield, UK

I had planned this as a relaxed three days of riding down to the south coast and back, with stunning scenery of the New Forest as the highlight. As it turned out, this trip coincided with huge amounts of rainfall, and I consequently spent most of my time getting soaked and wishing the whole thing was over. Around 100km into Saturday's 300km audax, just south of the most excellent Longstock cafe, a flint-induced puncture was a particular low point (especially as the wire-beaded tyre was quite determined to stay latched on to the wheel rim), and for the next few miles I was hoping for a second puncture so that I had an excuse to abandon the ride. Amazingly, despite the terrible conditions on the roads, I didn't suffer any more issues, enjoyed some sunshine in the afternoon, and finished just as it was getting dark.

Here are some photos from the audax.

Here are some photos from the ride back home.

Here is a map showing the whole weekend in one go. You can also view it on the Strava activity analyser.

Floody Hell! 3Down audax

Ride on 2023-04-01 05:01:00, at

Gear: Orro (Orro Terra)

329km in 12:43:03

Average speed25.9 kmh
Max speed66.4 kmh
Average power179 Watts
Elevation gain2338 metres

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