600k audax: Fenland Friends

Location: Churchend, Dunmow, UK

Riders had decent weather for this event between Essex and Yorkshire, with warm sunshine most of the time and a manageable southerly breeze. There were 60 finishers - see the list on Audax UK. It was a bit too easy heading north, with a couple of the early controls being reached almost too early. Coming back from Yorkshire was a different story, and for a lot of the time we had to try and shrink our profiles down against the headwind. Things got slower in Suffolk though, as the undulating countryside made pacing much more difficult.

My ride

I had an Airbnb booked in Lincoln for the Saturday night, expecting to arrive there around 9pm and to finish the ride off at 5am the next morning. Because of the strong tailwind (except for the last 60km or so heading back down to Lincoln) I arrived around 8pm, and set my alarm for 03:50.

I felt refreshed the next morning when the alarm went off. Deciding to have breakfast on the move, I filled my bottle & thermos flask and was on the road by 4:15. The rising headwind made the going slower, but I was able to keep a steady pace all the way through the Fens. Things were more difficult in Suffolk though, as the lumpy terrain meant that my efforts were constantly fluctuating.

600k Fenland Friends audax #stages

Ride on 2022-06-25 04:35:24, at

Gear: Orro (Orro Terra)

618km in 21:34:24

Average speed28.7 kmh
Max speed64.4 kmh
Average power127 Watts
Elevation gain2691 metres

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